Attendee Tips

Tips for Maximizing Your Career Fair Experience as a Job Seeker

Before the Career Fair

  • Find out in advance which companies are attending the job fair – (Check out the Exhibitor’s List available on this website)
  • Define your goals for the event
  • Create a plan of action with specific steps that will help you achieve your goals
  • Learn as much as you can about the organizations that interest you. (Note: The more you know about an organization/company, the better equipped you will be at articulating that you understand their needs and challenges.)
  • Prepare yourself to answer commonly-asked questions and questions regarding you and the company
  • Have a pen/pencil and paper available for notes.
  • Resumes & Cover Letter:  Review, update and target your resume – There are free services available in the community to help you improve your resume and interviewing skills, visit or contact:

Alberta Works Office


9915 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray

YMCA Employment Link


106B-9816 Hardin Street, Fort McMurray



10010 Franklin Ave, Fort McMurray

During the Career Fair

  • Dress Professionally – Clean shave,
  • Bring your best attitude, smile, and be positive!
  • Bring extra copies of your resume and cover letter if you have different interests or job targets
  • Be aware of time demands on employers
  • Ask specific questions
  • Be direct, introduce yourself, including your name and career interests
  • Offer to follow up after the fair, as appropriate. Inform them that you would like to continue the conversation by following up with them at a later date